Bevan Foundation Director delivers lecture

NewsDecember 2nd, 2020

The Bevan Foundation’s Director has delivered the annual Aneurin Bevan Society lecture, saying that In Place of Fear, Aneurin Bevan’s acclaimed book, still speaks to us today

The Bevan Foundation’s Director, Victoria Winckler, is honoured to have delivered the Aneurin Bevan Society’s annual lecture.This year the ‘lecture’ consists of an essay in place of a speech, and coincides with the launch of Aneurin Bevan’s book, In Place of Fear.

Commenting on her essay, Victoria said “The pandemic has highlighted the deep inequalities that cut across our society, and made many of them worse. We can see some seeds of change in the way that people of responded to the outbreak, from a recognition of the vital role of workers providing essential goods and services to the greater sense of social solidarity shared by many.”She continued “In the new foreword to In Place of Fear, Nick Thomas-Symonds reminds us that although times have changed, the compassion that lies at the heart of Bevan’s text is still important.  Politicians and policy-makers should remember that the ultimate test of their decisions is the impact on individuals.”

Victoria’s ‘lecture’ draws on the Bevan Foundation’s work to transform Wales, which argues for investment in a green new deal, investment in a social new deal, and creation of a new, devolved Welsh safety net of essential services.

The Bevan Society supports and promote the values held by Aneurin Bevan, and promotes his life and works. Although the Bevan Foundation shares the name of Aneurin Bevan, it


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