Bevan Foundation talks to Welsh Labour in Montgomery

NewsNovember 24th, 2020

The Bevan Foundation was pleased to join to Mongtomery Constituency Labour Party to share its latest work on practical action to solve poverty.

Victoria Winckler was delighted to receive an invitation from Montgomery Constituency Labour Party. We were asked to share the Bevan Foundation’s latest work on poverty, Welsh Benefits and Universal Essential Services at a branch meeting on 23rd November.

Victoria gave a presentation outlining how our proposals for major reforms to benefits and the provision of vital services could help to reduce poverty .She contrasted these with some of the practical issues around a Universal Basic Income. Drawing on our latest research on ‘Transforming Wales’, Victoria outlined how a Welsh Benefits System, could lead to a more generous and fairer system of support for people who are trapped in poverty. She also explored some of the practical issues around a UBI.

Victoria said “It was great to have the opportunity to share our proposals to build a fairer society.  Poverty and inequality are challenges in all parts of Wales – it may not be as visible in Montgomeryshire as in other areas but it is no less of a challenge”.Victoria’s presentation follows on from Steffan Evans’ contribution to a Plaid Cymru meeting in Cardiff.

The Bevan Foundation is not political but we are pleased to share our work with groups of all political colours.  If you would like one of the Bevan Foundation team to talk to your group please contact us.


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