New coronavirus round up published

NewsNovember 9th, 2020

The latest State of Wales briefing highlights the impact of Coronavirus on people, the economy and society in Wales.

The Bevan Foundation’s latest monthly briefing, State of Wales, uses the latest Welsh and UK Government statistics on the impact of Coronavirus on people, the economy and society.

The briefing provides a unique snapshot of Wales at the end of October 2020.  It covers topics such as the effect on health and well-being, business, the labour market, education and health services. It provides easily-accessible headline information with quick links to the sources for those who want to follow it up further.

Victoria Winckler, Director the Bevan Foundation, said:

“There is a lot of concern about the economy and jobs at the moment. But this snapshot shows that businesses are coping quite well, at least for now. It’s clear that our public services are being badly affected, with as many as one in five children absent from school and a growing backlog in the NHS.  The Welsh Government needs to ensure that these challenges are addressed.” 

State of Wales briefings are a benefit of a Bevan Foundation subscription.  However we are offering a free copy on request here.

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