Bevan Foundation echoes concerns on Free School Meal eligibility

Poverty Class of school children
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NewsOctober 16th, 2020

The Bevan Foundation echoes concerns raised by the Child Poverty Action Group about children missing out on Free School Meals

New research published by the Child Poverty Action Group suggests that as many as many as 70,000 children who are trapped in poverty are not eligible for Free School Meals.  Their findings echo concerns raised by the Bevan Foundation during its recent work into support scheme for low income families in Wales. The Bevan Foundation spoke to many families trapped in  poverty who were missing out on support and impact on families can be devastating.

One mother who the Bevan Foundation spoke to said:

It kills us, he (her partner) has his wage at the end of every month, by the time we’ve paid our rent and council tax that’s £500 gone and half of the time he’ll have like £700 pay £800 pay, lucky if he has that so obviously by the time I get packed lunch stuff, that costs me £20 a week if not more…

Appearing on BBC Radio Cymru, Dr Steffan Evans Policy Officer at the Bevan Foundation, argued that CPAG’s new findings emphasised the need to amend the current system. He argued that in the short term, Free School Meals should be made available to all families who are in receipt of Universal Credit in Wales. In the longer term, however, he argued that the Welsh Government should look to provide Free School Meals universally to ensure no child goes hungry in Wales.

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