Bevan Foundation calls for a long-term delivery vehicle for investment in the valleys

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NewsApril 21st, 2020

The Bevan Foundation has responded to the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Assembly Committee inquiry into the Valleys Taskforce and called for a long-term delivery vehicle and investment in the valleys.

The Ministerial Taskforce for the valleys was set up in 2016 a catalyst for delivering regeneration and sustainable growth in the south Wales valleys.

In our response to the inquiry, we say that the task force represents important recognition by the Welsh Government of the need for specific and dedicated action for the valleys but that its work has been a mixed bag of tackling some underlying issues and applying a sticking plaster to others. What is needed is a relentless focus on improving the skills, qualifications and jobs profile of the area along with substantial investment that leads to the creation of skilled, secure well paid employment in the valleys.

We argue that there are no good reasons why the south Wales valleys cannot be prosperous and thriving. It is an area with a huge number of assets and latent potential  that can be released with the right approach. In our response to the inquiry we have said:

  • Resources should be targeted where the case for intervention is greatest – the ‘heads’ and the ‘hearts’ of the valleys
  • We caution against short-term measures or “quick wins” for challenges that require long-term, generational change.
  • The valleys need a long term, well-resourced delivery vehicle with shared powers over planning and economic development that works with Welsh Government, local government, further education colleges and universities to regenerate the area.
  • The foundational economy can play an important role in helping to tie start up, incoming and existing firms to the area through local supply chain relationships.

You can read a copy of our full response below

EIS Committee inquiry response – Valleys Taskforce – Bevan Foundation

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