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Welcome for Assembly report on 2020 Welsh budget

January 30th 2020

The Bevan Foundation welcomes the Assembly Finance Committee’s call for a stronger focus on solving poverty in the Welsh Government’s budget.

The Bevan Foundation welcomes the report of the Finance Committee of the National Assembly for Wales on the Welsh Government’s draft budget for 2020/21.  The report extensively quotes the Bevan Foundation’s oral evidence given on 9th January, as well as referring to our work on an anti-poverty budget and an inclusive economy.

The report agrees with our view that the Welsh Government needs to set out how it defines poverty and how it plans to solve it. It recommended that:

  • future budgets be clearer about distributional impacts, the intended outcomes of targeted poverty interventions, and steps to respond to
    the impact of UK Government decisions.
  • the Welsh Government should develop new strategies to improve the education, skills and employment opportunities of the most disadvantaged members of society.
  • the Welsh Government considers ways to actively promote the real living wage to employers, particularly within the private sector, across Wales.

All three of these recommendations were informed by our expert input into their deliberations and we hope that the Welsh Government takes them into account in the final 2020/21 budget and beyond.


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