New Real Living Wage rate: our reaction

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NewsNovember 11th, 2019

The Bevan Foundation welcomes the increase to the real Living Wage but says that more needs to be done.

On Monday 11th November the Living Wage Foundation announced the new hourly rate for the Real Living Wage for 2020.

The Real Living Wage will increase from £9 per hour to £9.30, bringing workers who are lucky enough to work for a Real Living Wage employer closer to having a decent standard of living. But unfortunately thousands of workers are still not fairly rewarded for their efforts.

Findings in our State of Wales special edition – available exclusively for supporters and subscribers – show that the number of workers paid less than the Real Living Wage in Wales has increased despite Welsh Government efforts to get public sector employers paying the rate.

Whilst much good work has already taken place, it is clear that persuading some public sector organisations to pay the Real Living Wage is not enough alone. To ensure that all workers in Wales enjoy a decent standard of living, organisations need to ensure contractors and suppliers pay the rate – best done by accrediting to the Living Wage Foundation. The Welsh Government should do more to promote the Real Living Wage in the private sector and couple this with steps to ensure work is fair for all.

Our five-point action plan to increase take up the real Living Wage in Wales is here.

The Bevan Foundation is proud to be an accredited Living Wage employer. 


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