Ending poverty and inequality: what we did in 2018/19

Bevan Foundation
NewsNovember 19th, 2019

Our latest Annual Review sets out what we did in financial year 2018/19.   It includes summaries of our key projects and their impact, as well as an overview of our finances and ‘who’s who’.

Key projects

Over the year we delivered 5 major projects:

  • Setting the agenda for 2019: with our acclaimed forecast for the year ahead
  • Valuing migration: with our analysis of the importance of migration to Wales’ future and our ground-breaking ideas about how immigration policy could change after Brexit to meet Wales’ needs and circumstances
  • Solving child poverty: we stopped the proposal to scrap help with the costs of school uniform and proposed and inspired practical action to end holiday hunger
  • Enhancing higher education: we outlined how higher education could develop to meet some of the challenges after Brexit
  • Mitigating universal credit: we revealed how the roll out of universal credit is undermining key Welsh Government policies and urged that alternative approaches such as the devolution of benefits be considered (which they then were)

Our work helped to:

  • inform public understanding through publishing reports, comment and analysis
  • set the public policy agenda through enabling debate of new ideas and solutions
  • strengthened democracy by providing expert evidence to the National Assembly for Wales
  • inspire action by government, public bodies and community groups.

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