Welcome for extra ‘holiday hunger’ provision

A food bank
NewsJuly 22nd, 2019

The Bevan Foundation warmly welcomes the Welsh Government’s announcement of a new ‘Holiday Hunger Playworks Pilot’ scheme this summer.

The scheme will enhance school holiday provision for children from low-income families in 13 local authority areas, providing an alternative to the acclaimed School Holiday Enrichment Programme.

The announcement follows the Bevan Foundation’s calls for the Welsh Government to step-up provision as thousands of families struggle to make ends meet during the school holidays. Family finances are so tight that some children go without food while many have little to do all day.

Welcome though it is, the Welsh Government’s allocation of £100,000 is far short of the £4.75 m a year that we estimate is required to support provision for around 16,000 children. It is also vital that any additional provision meets high standards, offering a hot, nutritionally-balanced meal; building capacity by involving families; avoiding stigma and adopting best practice on safeguarding.

We look forward to the evaluation of the Playworks Pilot and to provision being enhanced in future years.

No child should go without simply because school is out.


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