Meeting with Shadow Secretary of State for Wales

NewsSeptember 17th, 2018

Last week we met with Christina Rees MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, to discuss the Bevan Foundation’s work around immigration and integration.

Immigration is a much debated and controversial topic. It played a significant role in the EU referendum in June 2016, with many Welsh voters expressing that immigration was one of the main reasons for them voting to leave the EU.

As immigration policy is not devolved, and the future immigration policy for the UK hangs in the balance with the much-anticipated immigration white paper due in the Autumn, the Bevan Foundation is working to open the debate around immigration policy in Wales by asking if Wales would benefit from more powers over immigration. Later in the year we will also start some research to develop policies and practices to increase integration within communities experiencing immigration.

Last week we met with Christina Rees MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales to discuss our work on immigration policy and integration. We are very open and available to brief AMs and MPs from all parties on our work and invite them to contact us for more information.

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