Boosting equality, justice and prosperity: our strategy

Bevan Foundation
NewsAugust 1st, 2018

The Bevan Foundation is delighted to launch its strategy to 2020/21.

The strategy is based on a careful analysis of the challenges facing Wales, and focuses on three key themes:

  • equality – so that no lives are wasted and everyone fulfils their potential
  • justice – so that nobody is ignored and everyone has a say in decisions that affect them
  • prosperity – so that nobody goes without and everyone has a decent standard of living.

The strategy also includes a refreshed ‘theory of change’, which explains how we undertake our work and make a real difference to people’s lives. Our approach is based on:

  • carefully framing and understanding a problem – using robust evidence
  • developing practical solutions – working with people affected
  • achieving change – identifying ‘change-makers’ and working with them as appropriate.

The Bevan Foundation’s findings are regularly quoted by politicians from all parties in debates in the National Assembly for Wales and it frequently informs Assembly Committee inquiries.  Speaking about the new strategy, Jane Hutt AM, former Minister for Finance, said:

The Bevan Foundation has made a major contribution to public debate and public policy in Wales and I am delighted to welcome their new strategy.  This work is important and valuable in ensuring that we create a Wales where equality, justice and prosperity are accessible to all

Mark Isherwood AM, representing North Wales, said:

The Bevan Foundation is a big hitter with small resources.  Its vital vision, essential independence and intellectual rigour enable it to produce great work. The strategy recognises that if people and organisations in Wales are going to address the major challenges facing us, we will need to find the underlying causes and do something to address them.  This means moving beyond rhetoric and consultation to doing things differently in practice. As a Bevan Foundation supporter, I welcome their new strategy.

For each year we will develop a detailed work programme, subject to funding, to enable us to take our strategy forward. Our aim is that by 2021 we will have a suite of evidence-based, new and effective policy proposals that will make a step-change in people’s lives.

Download the strategy in  English or Cymraeg


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