It’s our 2015 Christmas Quiz!

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NewsDecember 17th, 2015


We’re counting down the days until Christmas, so we thought we’d treat you to a festive quiz (you’ll need to provide your own mince pies & mulled wine though). Good luck, and you’ll find the answers at the bottom of the page.

1.How much on average do Welsh households spend each week on alcoholic drinks?

a) £2.50

b) £4.10

c) £6.40

2.How many conifer trees are there in Wales?

a) 252 million

b)466 million

c) 790 million

3.On average, how many snowy days are there in Snowdonia?

a) 5-10

b) 15-20

c) 30+

4.How many calories are in the average Christmas dinner?




5.How far would you have to run to burn off those calories?

a) Aberystwyth to Machynlleth (approx 20 miles)

b) Cardiff to Swansea (approx 45 miles)

c) Merthyr Tydfil to Newtown (approx  75 miles)

6. Can you spot who the politician is dressed as Santa?

a) MB  b) YC2 c)  JC

7.How many people visited Welsh A&E departments in December 2014?

a) 76,899

b) 103,442

c) 186,298

8. On Tuesday 8th December in the Senedd, who said “my Christmas spirit has just been used up“?

a) The Presiding Officer

b) The First Minister

c) The Deputy Presiding Officer

9.And in the final plenary session before recess, who did Carl Sargeant AM accuse of not having any Christmas spirit?

a) Gwyn Price AM

b) Llyr Gruffydd AM

c) Jocelyn Davies AM

10. Staying on a festive political theme, can you guess the senders of these Christmas cards? 
a)  NS  b)HAC1

c) LG   d)      LW


1. c

2. a

3. c

4. b

5. b

6. (a) former AM Mick Bates (b) Yvette Cooper MP (c) Jeremy Corbyn MP

7. a

8. a (Rosemary Butler AM made the comments after a speech by David Melding AM, who also happens to be the Deputy Presiding Officer)

9. b (Llyr Gruffydd AM had been questioning the Minister on the Welsh Government’s targets for reductions in carbon emissions)

10. (a) Nicola Sturgeon MSP (b) Home Affairs Select Committee (c) Lesley Griffiths AM (d) Leanne Wood AM


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