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People A jar of sweets
NewsJuly 4th, 2014

The Bevan Foundation has argued that efforts to reduce obesity must also address poverty. Speaking to the Western Mail on the day that figures showing that more than a quarter of four and five year olds are overweight or obese, Victoria Winckler, director of the Bevan Foundation, said: “We know that the proportion of overweight and obese children is rising rapidly as the result of a combination of unhealthy diets and not enough exercise.  What is a national disgrace is that it is children from poor families who are worst affected. Cheap, comforting food is often laden with calories – who wouldn’t rather have a bag of chips than a bag of sprouts if they’re feeling down?”

Victoria questioned the approach of providing advice to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and good quality protein.  She said: “The last thing people need is lectures about eating healthily – instead people need access to affordable, good quality food, enough disposable income to take the chance of not liking a new food, and to feel good about themselves so that pop and crisps lose their appeal.”

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