Health Gap is ‘shocking’

NewsNovember 11th, 2013

Statistics which show that bosses are twice as likely to be healthy as their cleaners were said to be ‘shocking’ by Bevan Foundation Dr Victoria Winckler.

Speaking to the Western Mail, Dr Winckler said:

“The gap in health between the best-off and worst off in Wales is a disgrace – it is unacceptable that people in routine jobs are twice as likely to report their health is poor than people in managerial and professional jobs.

“Although Wales is far from unique in Britain in having this gap, it is really worrying that some of the biggest inequalities are in Cardiff – one of the most prosperous parts of Wales.”

She added the class difference in health had existed for a long time, with people in routine occupations more likely to be overweight, smoke, have poor housing and suffer from stress – factors that all contribute to ill health.

The ONS report, from which the statistics were drawn, concluded that health services needed to do more to reach people in lower socio-economic groups and those in deprived areas.

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