Major report on women’s double dip recession

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NewsFebruary 25th, 2013

BBC Wales 25 Feb Women web

The Bevan Foundation’s latest report on women’s employment in the has received widespread media coverage.

BBC Wales reports that women have been badly affected, and includes a radio interview with Bevan Foundation Director Victoria Winckler and with Sue Jackson, who is unemployed after being made redundant by Gwent police.

The Western Mail says that the Bevan Foundation’s report on women’s employment published on 25th February 2013 is a “major report” that “details the hardship women have experienced in Wales as the double-dip recession has gripped the nation”.

The Western Mail highlights the report’s findings on employment, unemployment and pay.

In response, Welsh Government equalities minister Jane Hutt said: “This report shows how decisions being made by the UK Government are affecting the lives of women in Wales. There is clear evidence that reducing budgets and welfare reform are impacting on single parents and carers the majority of whom are women.

“The report by the Bevan Foundation provides this government with evidence about the challenges young women and in particular, those women moving off benefits to find work are facing, especially those with children. Within our Strategic Equality Action Plan and Tackling Poverty Action Plan, we have identified access to quality and affordable childcare as a key priority for tackling poverty.

“As a Government we will continue to look at evidence, like this report, and do all we can to mitigate against the effect that austerity measures are having on women in Wales.”

The Wales Office was approached for comment.

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