Benefit Cuts hit 1 in 4

Poverty A table with money and bills on it
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NewsFebruary 28th, 2012

The UK Government’s planned reforms of social security benefits will affect one in four people, according to the report written by the Bevan Foundation for Cuts Watch Cymru, a coalition of Welsh charities and other non-governmental organisations concerned about poverty and social exclusion launched on 28th February 2012.  Making the front page of the Western Mail, the report highlighted the impact of multiple changes to benefits and the pressure on individuals, households and communities as people coped with change, especially if they were then unable to find work.

Spokespersons for the coalition, Stephen Doughty of Oxfam Cymru and the Bevan Foundation’s Victoria Winckler, told ITV Wales and BBC Wales TV’s Wales Today that the changes could “pull the rug” from under the feet of thousands of people, and they called on the Welsh Government to develop measures to ameliorate the worst effects.  Responding on BBC Wales, Guto Bebb MP claimed the changes were reasonable.


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