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Webinar: Is it time for a Universal Basic Income in Wales?

June 1st 2020

The outbreak of Coronavirus has prompted calls for a Universal Basic Income to be introduced in Wales. Join our webinar to find out more about the idea, its pluses and pitfalls.

Date:  10th June 2020
Time:  3pm


Ian Gough, Visiting Professor, London School of Economics

Ian was previously Chair of social policy at the University of Bath and is now visiting professor at the LSE’s Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion. He has had a distinguished career writing about human needs and welfare, most recently in the context of climate change and inequality.

Mark Hooper, founder Indycube and Basic Income Wales

Mark is founder of co-working space Indycube and is also active in Banc Cambria, the Cardiff Pound and Basic Income Wales. He is also a Trustee of the Bevan Foundation.


What’s it about?

Poverty in Wales; Child poverty

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

The Coronavirus outbreak has seen more than 100,000 people in Wales claim Universal Credit in just a few weeks, with forecasts of many more needing to claim in the coming months.  Is it time to replace this means-tested benefit with a radically-new approach – a Universal Basic Income (UBI) – for everyone in Wales? Join our webinar to find out more.

Why you should participate

By participating you will find out more about:

  • what is a Universal Basic Income and how it might work in Wales;
  • the pros and cons of a UBI;
  • why now might be the right time to introduce it;
  • alternatives to UBI.

How to get involved

Attendance is free but you must register in advance by clicking the button below.  We welcome questions in advance as well as questions during the webinar, although we do not promise to be able to include every one.

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