Introduction to the Senedd: powers and processes

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EventsTrainingEvent Date: Mar 10th, 2022

In response to demand, we’re pleased to invite you to a new training session that introduces the Senedd and its decision-making powers and processes. 

The Senedd’s decisions affect almost all aspects of public life in Wales, from health to education to the economy and more.   Knowing how it operates is vital for organisations who wish to engage with and inform its decisions.

Why you should attend

This session will outline devolution today and help you to understand what the Senedd does and how best to engage with its structures and processes.  You’ll learn about the Senedd’s powers and have an opportunity to meet a Senedd member. 

It is an ideal introduction for all those new to public affairs in Wales.


The programme will be delivered by the Bevan Foundation team drawing on more than 30 years of experience working on devolved policy matters, including close engagement with the Senedd in the last 20 years.  

Draft agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions 
  2. Devolution: a process not an event – An account of the development of devolution over the last 50 years and explain how it shapes decision making in Wales today
    Dr Steffan Evans, Head of Policy, Bevan Foundation
  3. Overview of governance – Essential information about the many different public bodies in Wales, including their role, structure and accountabilities
    Dr Steffan Evans, Head of Policy, Bevan Foundation
  4. Senedd powers – an exploration of the Senedd’s current powers, highlighting what is and what is not currently devolved
    Dr Steffan Evans, Head of Policy, Bevan Foundation
  5. Key levers for change – An exploration of how the Senedd exercises its powers including its role in making laws, public spending and holding the Welsh Government to account
    Dr Victoria Winckler, Director, Bevan Foundation
  6. People and parties – outlines the process for electing Senedd Members and explores political make-up of the Senedd
    Dr Victoria Winckler, Director, Bevan Foundation
  7. Q&A with a Senedd member – A superb opportunity to put your questions to a Senedd Member


The training will be delivered online, with plenty of time for questions and discussion as well as short breaks away from the screen. The number of places is limited to ensure that you have an opportunity to contribute. 

The delegate fee is highly-competitive with a discount for Bevan Foundation subscribers and early birds.  


Delegates at last year’s in-depth events said:

As a novice, I’ve benefited from a new found spark and confidence which this course ignited …a solid 5 Star CPD session!

An overall informative short course with a beneficial opportunity to engage with Senedd members and learn more about devolution and the policy landscape in Wales


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