Busk on the Usk

EventsEvent Date: Jun 1st, 2012  Time: 13.00 - 23.00  Location: Newport, South Wales

The Bevan Foundation is pleased to be a partner for Busk on the Usk.

Busk on the Usk is the Welsh Contemporary Music contribution to the London 2012 Festival. It takes place in several locations – the Riverfront Theatre, the University of Cardiff Newport City Campus and in spaces along the Usk. It will offer a program of events that includes gigs, discussions and lectures organized by the Green Man Festival -Wales’ leading contemporary music and arts event – with help from the people of Newport as well as contributions from a collective of many of Wales’ most important cultural organizations including Swn Festival, the Do Lectures, the Laugharne Weekend, the Bevan Foundation, the Centre for Regeneration Excellence WalesRiverfront TheatreUniversity of Wales Newport and Arts Council Wales.

Over the day, there will be live performances by bands and speakers alongside street theatre along the riverfront Newport’s long-established Big Splash Festival and a wide-range of stalls serving locally sourced street food.

Best of all – every Busk on the Usk event is FREE!

Although the riverfront entertainment outside is accessible by anyone, tickets for gigs and talks in the Riverfront Theatre and University of Wales Newport Campus are limited. Each individual music act has a separate free ticket pass (it’ll work like as if you were going to the cinema and there’s a number of films in the same building – you can only see one at a time!) Simply chose which act/talk you want to see and request your free ticket pass from the Riverfront Theatre Box Office.

For a full line up visit the Busk on the Usk website




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