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Beyond cities: resilient local economies and communities

October 4th 2019

What are the prospects for the places beyond cities and how can they secure inclusive and resilient economies?

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Date: Thursday 28 November 2019
Time:  09:00 – 13:15
Location: Orbit Centre, Merthyr Tydfil

This conference draws together practitioners, thinkers and organisations from Wales and across the UK to consider the prospects of places beyond cities, including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Carnegie UK, the Industrial Communities Alliance, the Institute of Welsh Affairs’ Understanding Welsh Places Project and more. It will explore:

  • The role, purpose and prospects for the places beyond the cities that help power the Welsh economy.
  • The experience of “left behind” communities and how their needs are addressed
  • Rethinking the relationship between places in Wales
  • How places beyond cities can create and drive inclusive and resilient economies
  • The relationship between City Deal regions and the places within them

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Beth ydy’r rhagolygon i’r ardaloedd tu hwnt i’r dinasoedd a sut gallan nhw sicrhau economïau cynhwysol a gwydn?

Dyddiad: Dydd Iau 28 Tachwedd 2019
Amser:  09:00 – 13:15
Lleoliad: Canolfan Orbit, Merthyr Tudful

Mae’r gynhadledd hon yn dwyn ynghyd ymarferwyr, meddylwyr a gweithredwyr o Gymru ac o bob cwr o’r DU i ystyried yr rhagolygon ar gyfer yr ardaloedd tu hwnt i’r dinasoedd. Ymhlith y cyfranwyr bydd Sefydliad Joseph Rowntree, Carnegie UK, Cynghrair y Cymunedau Diwydiannol, Prosiect ‘Deall yr Ardaloedd Cymreig’ y Sefydliad Dros Faterion Cymreig, a mwy.

Byddan nhw’n ystyried:

  • Rôl, diben a rhagolygon yr ardaloedd tu hwnt i’r dinasoedd
  • Profiadau’r cymunedau a “esgymunwyd” a sut mae diwallu eu hanghenion
  • Ail-ystyried y berthynas rhwng ardaloedd yng Nghymru
  • Sut gall ardaloedd tu hwnt i’r dinasoedd greu a gyrru economïau cynhwysol a gwydn
  • Y berthynas rhwng rhanbarthau’r Fargen Ddinesig a’r mannau o’u mewn

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