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Welsh Education – We must do better

November 10th 2011

Apart from a few ‘flat-earthers’ there is general agreement thatWales’ education system is in need of reform and revitalisation. The most worrying indication of system failure was provided by last year’s PISA results, but these only confirmed the picture painted […] »

Still falling for the benefits myth

August 5th 2011

Popular perceptions of Britain’s welfare state are often so inaccurate it is a wonder that anybody actually takes them seriously. If one was to believe what some have said about the alleged generosity of the system in its entirety then […] »

Singing the Blues

July 15th 2011

Carwyn Jones has had an easy two months. Not only did Labour win the last Assembly election, it is also clear that all three other parties also emerged from the fray damaged in different ways. The most visible wreckage was […] »

How many hours is too many?

June 17th 2011

Generally speaking, people who work long hours tend to make bad decisions due to tiredness and stress. Indeed there are several occupations where there are legal maximums worked, and compulsory rest periods (eg: lorry drivers) to try and prevent accidents […] »

Still a scandal

May 16th 2011

The coalition agreement last year contained a positive step forward for the treatment of children with uncertain immigration status. It contained a pledge to end the detention of children, some of whom as young as five, who after all have […] »

The earthquake

May 6th 2011

Well, the campaign may have been deathly dull but the results of the Assembly election so far haven’t been. In an Assembly that was losing a quarter of its members voluntarily, it now looks like a sea of new faces […] »

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Webinar: Going local: how coronavirus could transform places

The direction to work from home and avoid non-essential travel is highlighting the importance of ‘local’ and could bring new opportunities to many places. What could and should be done to grasp the potential? Date:  8th July 2020 Time: 3pm […] »