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Short, sharp and informative commentary and analysis from the Bevan Foundation team, our members and occasional guests.

All views are those of the contributors and are not necessarily shared by the Bevan Foundation.

What we do #3 Changing lives

August 16th 2018

In the fifth in a series looking at what the Bevan Foundation does, Victoria Winckler, Director of the think-tank, explains how it changes lives for the better. One of the biggest challenges of all for any think-tank (aside from finding […] »

What we do #2 Developing solutions

August 13th 2018

In the latest article about what the Bevan Foundation does, its director, Victoria Winckler, outlines how we develop practical solutions. The Bevan Foundation’s work is all about solutions. Very often, what grabs headlines are the problems – poverty, inequality, lack […] »

What we do #1 Understanding and Framing

August 7th 2018

In the third article about the Bevan Foundation’s plans for the future, Director of the Foundation, Victoria Winckler, outlines our approach to understanding the root causes of challenges. A key part of what the Bevan Foundation does is understanding the […] »

Why Wales needs its think-tanks

August 1st 2018

In the first of a series of articles to mark the launch of the Bevan Foundation’s new strategy, Victoria Winckler looks at why Wales needs its think-tanks. Think tank. The very word is a turn-off, prompting comments about policy-wonks and […] »

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Wales’ best policy and politics magazine! The latest edition of Exchange, Wales’ best policy and politics magazine, brings together a fantastic range of contributors that delve into some of the most current and important issues in Welsh public life. Our […] »

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