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Poverty in Wales – a failure of devolution?

May 15th 2019

Twenty years on from the opening of the National Assembly for Wales poverty remains as great a problem as ever. Steffan Evans looks at what’s gone wrong over the past twenty years. One of the flagship policy objectives of successive […] »

The Assembly’s big conundrum

May 6th 2019

Twenty years on from the first elections to the National Assembly for Wales, Victoria Winckler asks why more people don’t vote to choose their elected representative. It’s hard to believe that it’s twenty years since I, accompanied by my violently-objecting […] »

Devolution’s long journey

May 1st 2019

On the 20th anniversary of devolution, Victoria Winckler looks at how the Bevan Foundation has contributed to devolution’s long journey and invites you to join with us for devolution’s next phase. May marks 20 years since the National Assembly for […] »

Why we don’t need a Minister for Poverty

April 8th 2019

With the latest figures showing that one in four people lives in poverty, Victoria Winckler asks if it is time for a Minister dedicated to solving it. With the latest figures showing one in four people lives in poverty, many […] »

Bringing Social Business to the Valleys

April 1st 2019

Today, Helen Cunningham discusses social businesses and how Unltd is bringing them to the valleys. Social businesses, that is, businesses that put a social purpose at the heart of what they do, contribute about £2.37 billion every year to the […] »

Lucy Stone says farewell to the Bevan Foundation

March 29th 2019

On her last day at the Bevan Foundation, Lucy Stone explains why we are Wales’ most influential think tank. Today is my last day at the Bevan Foundation – the think tank that calls itself Wales’ most influential think tank. […] »

Human Rights, Equality and Well-being

February 18th 2019

As the discussion of incorporation of human rights in Wales continues, is incorporation necessary given existing frameworks on equality and well-being? Today, Dr Simon Hoffman, Associate Professor at Swansea University, answers this question. Last week, Associate Professor at Swansea University, […] »

Wales’ economic miracle?

February 15th 2019

Victoria Winckler wonders whether Wales has experienced an economic miracle or if it is just a mirage.   Last November something unprecedented happened. Tucked away in the Welsh Government’s statistics pages  is evidence of an economic miracle. In amongst the stats, it […] »

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Wales’ best policy and politics magazine! The latest edition of Exchange, Wales’ best policy and politics magazine, brings together a fantastic range of contributors that delve into some of the most current and important issues in Welsh public life. Our […] »

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Live chat on child poverty

What causes child poverty in Wales? Why should we care about it? And what can be done to reduce it? We invite you to join us this Thursday, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, as we address these questions […] »