Challenge Poverty Month 2021

Bevan Foundation
October 12th, 2021

Food or fuel: What would you choose if forced to?

It’s a decision facing thousands in Wales right now following the cuts to Universal Credit. Yet we’d all agree that Wales is (still) no place for poverty.

You can help us #ChallengePoverty by joining us in October 2021

We’ve had some significant wins over the past year, including:

  • Securing a 6 month extension to DAF cash grants for essential living costs
  • Enabling 30,000 more children to access the Pupil Development Grant
  • Getting an additional £2.45m funding for the School Holiday Enrichment Programme
  • Helping 66,000+ children receive cash in lieu of free school meals

But there is so much more we want and need to do.

Will you help us influence more policy changes which pull people out of poverty?

We rely on regular donations to make a long-lasting difference.

Food or fuel? With as little as £3.75 a month you can help us help thousands forced to make this decision daily.

When you start a regular donation during Challenge Poverty Month (October 2021), we’ll send you a pack of 8 greetings cards as a token of our appreciation.

If you believe Wales is No Place for Poverty, please donate today

Our ‘Pictures of Wales’ greetings cards were created for the 2018 launch of our No Place for Poverty campaign from painting images donated by artists Mary Jolley and Barbara Castle OBE. We are sincerely thankful for their generosity.

Barbara Castle OBE

“Tip’ has been influenced by my experiences within the villages of Welsh valleys and depicts the aesthetic quality and sense of community which I believe is often overlooked when people think of the Valleys.

“For me, Wales is a place of incredible layers. The aesthetic of our valleys, the hills and descending terraces, is astounding. But we tend to live our lives on the bottom tier, never looking up and appreciating what we have.”

Barbara Castle OBE


Mary Jolley

“On The Rocks was inspired by Ramsey Island in Pembrokeshire. I have had an ongoing fascination with rocks and cliffs for many years and this is expressed as an enduring theme throughout my work.

“For me, Wales is a place of optimism, resilience and strength with a population proud to say they are Welsh.”

Mary Jolley,


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