This Christmas, open the door to a decent home for all

Bevan Foundation Terraced housing picture with Christmas theme
CampaignsNovember 29th, 2021

Rents are rocketing, government help with housing costs is dropping.

Thousands of people in Wales are unable to find a home they can afford. 

On average people are £80 a month short, forcing them to choose between cutting back on food and heating or risk falling into rent arrears or worse becoming homeless.

It’s a crisis gripping two out of three low-income households, and one we’re committed to exposing.

Already we’ve revealed that only 1 in 20 homes available to rent privately is fully covered by social security benefits.  We’re highlighting how some landlords discriminate against low-income renters. And we’re uncovering the shocking shortage of social housing for single people.

Our clickable Advent calendar below contains 24 facts which reveal the state of the crisis facing Wales this Christmas.

Will you help us raise £3,000 to campaign for a better deal?

Your kindness will help us:

  • Campaign for more social housing for single people.
  • Campaign for an uplift in the help available.
  • Call for barriers facing renters to be scrapped.

Please donate and spread the word to open the door to a decent home for all.

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